In 1929 the Holtsville/Farmingville Fire Department was established. By 1946, the Holtsville/Farmingville fire department was organized with the merger of the Farmingville fire company and the Holtsville Fire Department after WW2. In 1972 the Holtsville Fire Department was reorganized with the split of the Holtsville/Farmingville Fire Department. Both departments currently still maintain a close culture and relationship. The Holtsville Fire Department has approximately 75-100 members that volunteer to answer 1200-1500 alarms per year. Responses from the department range from motor vehicle crashes to structure fires, EMS alarms, and miscellaneous calls for help. Day to day tasks conducted by the members include training to fight fires, acquiring credentials to tend medical care, fundraising, partaking in fire prevention events to educate the public and much more. Other events include popular attractions such as the Santa run, movie nights etc. The men and woman of the Holtsville Fire Department would like to thank the community for your continued support in all of our events. If you are interested in becoming a member, please click the “Join Now” button below.

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