The rapid intervention team (RIT) also known as the firefighter assist search team (FAST) is defined as a group of firefighters assigned solely to search and rescue other firefighters in times of distress. Whether a firefighter is hurt, lost, or trapped, a distress call can be made where the members of the said team can be deployed to rescue one of their own. 

Holtsville Fire Department’s RIT utilizes a 2007 KME engine identified as Engine 3. Team is equipped with rescue equipment such as harnesses, rapid air transport bag (used to provide a downed firefighter with supplemental air in case of SCBA failure), and many other tools used to extricate a firefighter away from the IDLH environment. HFD’s Engine 3 has been assigned as RIT to several neighboring fire districts. Upon arrival, the team members specialized in RIT operations are quick to get to work by setting up means of egress and entry to rapidly access a firefighter in time of need. Crew stages nearby ready at a moments notice to enter the structure to rescue their fellow brother/sister.